Remote work
is the way

A guide to making the most of our office-optional future

Do you feel like...

  • My manager doesn't trust that I'm doing my best when I'm not in the office. What should I do?
  • Keeping track of what my remote employees are doing is exhausting. How can I make it easier?
  • I love working from home, but I feel isolated. Is there a better way to stay connected to my colleagues?

Working outside of the office is growing in popularity and is more common now than it has ever been. Millions of people have discovered they can do their jobs from home ...or halfway across the world.

But while remote work comes with plenty of freedom and perks, it also comes with challenges. So how can you make the most of this new reality?

Co-founder of Remote-how, Iwo Szapar, has for years taught people how to create remote-friendly work environments. His guide to staying productive, avoiding burnout, and managing distributed teams is drawn from countless hours of collaboration with some of the top experts in the field. Whether you work for yourself or a Fortune 500, this book is an invaluable resource for rethinking what the office-optional future means for you, your business, and the world. Inside is a guide to the practical skills and habits you'll need for communicating, collaborating, and getting the job done – as well as inspiration on how to live the kind of life you want. Remote work is the way of the future ... now it's time to find out how to make it work for you.

This book arrived in the world at the best possible moment.


CEO of Ionic Partners and former adviser to Barack Obama

If Iwo didn't come up with the idea for this book, I'd have doneit myself from the other end of the world. He has a great talentand an important mission.


Leader in HR for Netflix, GitLab, IBM, Cisco

Harmony between work and life is the basis of satisfaction. This book will help you find your own rhythm and balance.


Leader in HR at Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft

Iwo has been at the heart of the remote worker community for years. Not only does he promote this style of life and work, but he is also a teacher for thousands of people who, thanks to his tools, have learned how to do it themselves from every corner of the world.


CTO of OnDeck, previously with Angel List, Product Hunt, Coinbase

Official Bio

Remote work expert and practitioner

Co-founder & CEO of Remote-how, which since 2017 helps companies all over the world creating remote-first workplaces. Over 400+ companies benefited from Remote-how’s platform, including organizations like Walmart, PWC, or ING.

I am also a Co-organizer of the annual conference Remote Future Summit, attended already by over 11,000+ attendees and 140 speakers (incl. Asana, Hubspot, Microsoft).

My work has been featured by international media, including Forbes or BBC.

I work with world's top Companies

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