A Few Words About Me

My remote work journey

Four years ago, my wife and I started a remote work journey when we moved to the US. While living in Austin, Texas, the idea occurred to me - why are we not giving people freedom of choice where and when they work was born. It was early 2017 when my wife and I moved from Poland to amazing Austin.

My story with remote work started in 2011 when I started my first office job with a remote work option. It took some time to become a freelancer, and later on a full-time employee with workplace flexibility, to a Remote Work Advocate.

Even though exploring new cultures had always been our passion, and we’d already traveled to at least 44 different countries (despite Ola being afraid of flying), life in the US broadened our horizons. It truly opened our eyes to the remote work revolution going on there. We had countless discussions with our new friends and co-workers about how vital flexibility was for them.

On the other hand, employers (including myself) struggled to find talent but seemed not to connect the dots that remote work could be a game-changer. Therefore we decided to dig a bit deeper and find an answer to this puzzling question: How can we help the world seamlessly transform into a more remote work-friendly place.

After conducting in-depth market research in over 40 long conversations with C-levels and HR decision-makers across the US and Europe, the answer came to us. The main lesson we learned was that the market does understand that this is the future. The majority know that this will change forever how their companies operate, but… they are just not ready yet. We came across the first stage - the mindset problem where employers envision a scenario in which they can’t control employees in the office (#trustissue). We also saw those who had already accepted that change was inevitable but had no clue where to start and how to make remote work, work.

Now it’s 2021, and the whole world works remotely. And I am still here to support the largest workplace transformation process ever.