A Few Words About Me

My passion for building impactful things began early in my career. Driven by a desire to create and innovate, I co-founded PonPon, a social commerce platform. This venture was followed by a pivotal role at Shopgate, where I saw potential in mobile sales and convinced their CEO to expand into Poland.

Successfully establishing Shopgate there, I then moved to Austin, USA, to launch and grow Shopgate's US presence. In my role as VP of Sales Strategy, I built a team of 25, established strategic partnerships with PayPal and MasterCard, and significantly grew the business.

This foundation led me to co-found Remote-how, embarking on a 6+ year journey to help thousands of people achieve the freedom of choice in where they work. Through this platform, we have influenced the remote work landscape, garnering recognition from Forbes and BBC.

I also authored "Remote Work Is The Way," featured in Forbes, BBC, and Business Insider. Over the last five years, I have worked remotely while living in 15 different countries.

Born in Gdansk, Poland, I've embraced the 'slowmad' lifestyle, living in various countries while working remotely. This journey has enriched my perspective and fueled my passion for innovation.

When I'm not working, you can find me reading history books, following international affairs, or indulging in my hobbies as a dog lover, amateur surfer, and DJ.